Manning House Bead Show

Manning House Bead Show
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Valuable Beads Without The Valuable Cost

As of the writing of this blog post, the holiday season is coming up soon. But whether you’re anticipating Christmas, Chanukah, Ramadan, (or any other major holidays for that matter), or thinking about someone’s birthday, anniversary, wedding, or any other time for buying a nice gift, I tend to try to look for more bang for my buck. For many fanatics and casual hobbyists alike, buying wholesale beads at a discount is often the best way to go. It’s similar to going to a super market or any place that sells groceries, and using coupons or taking advantage of sales and buying in bulk. These days it feels like nothing is free in life so it feels good to at least have a few issues be less worrisome and more enjoyable than a hassle.


I think we’ve all been in the same position this young lady here is in. At the various bead shows throughout Arizona it’s a rare sight to see only one person at a table though! I hate to steer people away from those fun bead shows but there are no lines or hassles of that kind when buying online at least… © Al Abut.

I think the primary use I’ve made with beads in my experience has been as a gift. Usually the gift that I would give would be a set of some fun and interesting ones for a friend or family member who enjoys making use of them. Now as you might notice in the picture below, someone took some time out to design what could be a much finer use of the beads and actually made something out of it themselves, which would then definitely be a much more meaningful gift. I’m sure everyone can appreciate receiving a big pretty heart like this one from someone they care about, right? I don’t want to discredit this picture or the artist in any way, shape or form, but it could look even nicer with some of the higher quality and more aesthetically pleasing beads that are available on the web site I mentioned above.


Sadly if I tried to make something like this it would probably end up looking terrible! Well, if I’m being completely fair to myself I suppose I could make something half decent but it would probably take me twice as much time! © Petuniad.

So if I’m a serious bead working artist then going after a deal where buying beads at a huge mark down is always recommended. Like in this next photo, I imagine there’s quite a few hundred more beads used to create that large decorative piece of art. I can’t imagine how expensive that would be if the beads weren’t purchased cheaply…


Even inexpensive little beads bought in bulk could be used to create something great. © Preciosa Ornela.