Manning House Bead Show

Manning House Bead Show
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Tag: Arizona

Arizona: Beyond The Beads!

Arizona hasn’t been getting as much attention as some of the other states in America, that’s nothing new and no surprise (Arizonans don’t mind and don’t care to have that much attention anyway). While the Grand Canyon has obviously gotten the most attention out of all of Arizona (just take a quick glance at the…

Beading In Arizona

I’ve had some family, the immediate kind (parents, siblings, spouse, and children) or the extended variety (cousins, uncles and aunts, grandparents, nieces and nephews, in-laws and the like) in the Arizona area for many years. It’s arid, that is to say, extremely dry, and during the summer months, it can be overbearing, oppressive even! Anyone…

Tucson The Gem Of The Southwest

The southwestern states in the United States of America are known for their unique flair of jewelry and beads, resonating tones of the various centuries-old native American and South American cultures are clear influences in many of the jewelry vendors goods you can see every other block in most metropolitan city areas.  In my own…