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Different Jewelries Made Using Glass Beads

Glass beads are versatile with stunning range of colors and sizes. They have been used for centuries for various purposes. Glass beads were earlier used as currency by Egyptians, Native Americans, Romans and Vikings. Apart from using glass beads as currency, they were used in the making of jewelry and decorative items. They were used to decorate handbags, apparels, art works and a lot more. Since they offer wide scope for creativity, jewelry makers love glass beads and make the best use of these beads in various types of jewelry.


The most appealing aspect about glass bead jewelry is that they suit all ages and all types of outfit. It adds charm when worn by children, it enhances the beauty of the teenager, it blends to go well with the image of seniors and it is great when worn in a professional attire or casual outfit. It all depends on the choice of color and the size of glass beads along with the style of the jewelry. Let us have a look into the types of jewelry made using glass beads.


1) Glass Bead Bangles



Glass bead bangles come in various unique designs. The colors are very attractive and they are trendy too. They go well with all types of outfit and they could be worn for all occasions. Big traders dealing with glass bead bangles offer to customize these bangles to suit your tastes. Based on the size of the beads, you can wear glass bead bangles as a single ornament on your hand or wear more than two.


2) Glass Bead Bracelets

Bracelets are popular with men, women and children. Every one loves the jewelry that is worn around the wrist. Though bracelets are made of different types of materials, glass bead bracelets are one among the most popular types. Since glass beads come in various sizes and colors, they provide room for making highly creative bracelets. You could use a variety of sizes or just hang on to one or two and yet make the glass bead bracelet stunning.


3) Glass Bead Necklaces



Necklaces are yet another ornament that is among the top favorites with jewelry lovers. Glass bead necklaces are popular among them as they are stunningly designed with vibrant colors. Glass beads look great on all types of necklaces including choker necklaces, matinee necklaces and opera necklaces.


4) Glass Bead Earrings

Photo by Gossamer1013, CC BY 2.0


Earrings are one of the most favored jewelries. Earrings made of any type of material look great. Glass bead earrings are in vogue and in fact have been in the fashion industry for a long time. It goes well with any type of outfit as you can customize glass bead earrings the way you like. You could have them as studs or leave them hanging. You could have them in a single color or fancy to include as many colors you want to provide a strikingly colorful look.


5) Glass Bead Rings

Rings have a great association with sentiment. Rings have been used by various cultures across the world. It adds charm; it produces an air of magic; it has sentimental value; it is connected with certain beliefs and it is beautiful. Glass beads add beauty to the rings and enhances the magical look ring possesses. The color of the glass beads and its variety of sizes enable jewelry makers to produce stunning designs of glass bead rings and you will find them a part of accessory in every fashion lover.


The various types of glass beads such as round beads, art glass beads, bumpy beads, Czech glass beads and cane glass beads make the world of glass beads rich with myriad of colors, designs and sizes. Glass bead jewelry indeed has become an inevitable part of the fashion world.