Manning House Bead Show

Manning House Bead Show
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Arizona: Beyond The Beads!

Arizona hasn’t been getting as much attention as some of the other states in America, that’s nothing new and no surprise (Arizonans don’t mind and don’t care to have that much attention anyway). While the Grand Canyon has obviously gotten the most attention out of all of Arizona (just take a quick glance at the picture below of their welcome signs you can see when you cross into the state lines!) there are certainly plenty of other sights to see in the Grand Canyon State. For instance, there is the famous Horseshoe Bend near the town of Page and connects to the Colorado River.


I can’t think of a much more welcoming welcome sign for a state can you? Arizona is certainly unafraid to advertise what is probably the biggest tourist attraction in all of Arizona, and arguably one of the greatest sights to see around the world. © Rupert Ganzer.

I’ve written about the bead shows in Tucson before (Tucson is one of the best towns to visit even if you’re not a bead show junkie like me!), but there is something for everyone out there, considering that Arizona is one of the larger states in America. That said, I like finding beads that reach out to different people than the usual purveyors of beads, like in the picture below. Personally, I think I’d like the Heineken bottle cap themed bead but hey, to each his own. Beads also helps children’s to improve the artistry of them. bottle-cap-beads

I just love these, it’s such a cool idea and it appeals to all the college age young men out there as well. When a guy might be teased for liking beads usually, a guy who is a total “bro” would probably not be thought of poorly by any judgmental friends in the least if he had beads with the logo of his favorite beers on them. © David.

I think there’s something to be said for the joy of taking pictures of your favorite beads when the light catches them just right. In an arid state like Arizona, it’s a treat to get a picture where the sunlight is unhindered by clouds and the beads can sparkle like a diamond. That said, enjoy the visual treat of Arizona’s Horseshoe Bend!

It is a well-established fact that beading helps to improve children’s fine motor skills, visual perception, vocabulary, understanding colors, shapes and sizes and many more.


As I had mentioned at the beginning of this article, here without further ado, is the famous Horseshoe Bend. The jewelry and beading enthusiasts out there would probably be intrigued to know that minerals such as platinum and garnet have been found there, but as tempting as it is, I have to dissuade you from trying to traverse the dangerous terrain to go on any impromptu mining expeditions! © World Wide Gifts.